ACW Campaign Games Scenario Submission

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NOTE: Update 02/02/03: I cannot accept any new BG "Conversions" to the Corinth system. I also will no longer be accepting any new scenarios for Major Battles. I still haven't dsecided exactly what constitutes a "Major" battle, so if you are unsure please contact me and I can decide on a case-by-case basis.

To submit a scenario for posting please include the following:

Title of Scenario
Game it goes in - i.e. Corinth
Your name and e-mail address
A short description of the scenario.
A "Zipped" copy of the scenario.

Then e-mail it to me, Brett Schulte.

And if you haven't already posted your scenario on Rich Hamilton's SDC, please e-mail Rich also.

If you want playtesters for a scenario contact either Rich or myself and we will get a group together for you.

Your scenario will normally be posted within 1 week.