Dierk Walter's Shiloh Scenarios:

New 10/21/02

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NOTE: This package can be installed into Campaign Corinth without affecting current and future games in any way.


Dierk's Shiloh Package

Note: There is no AI

This was an idea that was definitely needed and Dierk came through with flying colors. As a Union player who has played the two-day historical version of Shiloh, I really appreciate Dierk's effort here to keep the opening rounds of the game from degenerating into a surround and destroy mission by the Confederates. He attempts to simulate Union surprise and confusion by other means than simply fixing them in place to be captured. Note also that since he is using the Corinth engine, fixing is not as restrictive as in the BG games. Any enemy unit that comes within 5 hexes that the fixed unit can see will result in the release of the fixed unit.

Info (won't affect canned Corinth scenarios, but may not work with other mods)
What else is needed to play?: Nothing.


Dierk's Notes.txt File

1. OOB

- Regiments larger than 400 are split in two or three battalions.
- Batteries are in sections of (usually) 2 guns. Battery composition is historical (most batteries have mixed weapons).

2. PDT

- Corinth standard PDT. Stacking limit is 1000 infantry. Command radii are 3 (brigade) and 6 (division) for both armies.

3. Leader portraits

The enclosed LEADERS.BMP goes into the "Info" folder. It works with all standard Corinth scenarios, so you can overwrite the old version. I have merely added about 60 new portraits at the end. All pictures of generals (or guys who gained their stars later in the war) are quite good, but for some Union colonels I had to blow up the BGS leader faces. I would be grateful for any good picture of these guys sent to me.

4. Unit pictures and 3D icons

Generally, all regiments of the same state use the same picture and 3D icon, but some "special" regiments have been allowed for. In order to represent the colorful and diverse uniforms worn by the assorted regiments of which the Army of the Missisippi was composed, I used all the different shades provided in the 3D icons - grey, butternut, and civilian clothes. Since historically many Louisiana (and some other) regiments even wore blue, I gave this color to all Louisiana outfits, but made it sky blue instead of the Union dark blue. Exceptions are the Crescent Regiment which has its historical dark blue, and the 13th LA which is a Zouave regiment.
The Union regiments have blue regulation uniforms throughout, though some western outfits have their familiar felt hat rather than the forage cap used in the seabord theater. I once read that at Shiloh, some Federal regiments actually wore cadet grey, but couldn't figure out which ones. Any input would be appreciated.

5. Scenarios

Both scenarios use the same unit deployment and reinforcement schedule. It is based on the Norris version of TS Battleground Shiloh 04h. I adjusted the deployment of Peabody's brigade and some other units to have it better correspond with the historical records, but have not revised the entire deployment (may do that later though).
The objectives have been slightly adapted in order to better reflect the points on which the battle focussed historically. Three 1000 objectives have been added on the southern edge of the map. The Confederates will need a really overwhelming victory on day one if they want to withdraw on day 2 - otherwise they will have to fight it out.
The two scenarios differ only in the way in which they portray the "surprised" state of the Union army.


The brigades in the first Union line are disrupted, but not fixed. This is meant to reflect that they had to fall in in a hurry, but were mostly more or less formed and ready. The rest of the army is fixed, with variable releases.


The entire Union army is fixed, with variable releases, but nobody is disrupted. Remember that with this engine, a fixed unit will release when an enemy unit comes within its LOS within a 5 hex distance.

Any questions, comments, suggestions, and criticism (in this order) will be welcome.

D.S. Walter
Major General, USA
3/2/VIII AoS