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New 10/20/02

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This is Thomas DeHoff's entry into Rich Hamilton's 2002 Scenario Design contest. I've looked it over a few times and this is really a great "What-If" idea on Tom's part.


Van Dorn's Grand Junction Gambit

Note: There is no AI

This is a hypothetical situation. It assumes that instead of the attack against Iuka and the subsequent attack against Corinth, Van Dorn and Price do nothing. Halleck sensing the inactivity decides to strip most of Rosecrans' force from Grant’s command and ship them off the Buell to defend against Bragg’s invasion (exactly what Van Dorn was ordered to prevent happening) Van Dorn sensing that he needs to do something decides to isolate Corinth and Iuka but attacking the RR at Grand Junction and the towns of LaGrange and Saulsberry. He hopes to force the Yanks out of the fortress that Corinth into the open for a fair fight. What he doesn’t know is that Grant is at Lagrange seeing to some business and Rosecarns is on the way back now that Bragg is headed back to Tennessee. Can the Rebs sieze enough before the Yanks return?

What else is needed to play?: Nothing.