Shock Troops on Kindle!

by Fred Ray on September 3, 2012 · 0 comments

It’s done, finally. I have had Shock Troops of the Confederacy ported over to Kindle format and it’s now ready for download at only $9.99. It’s a big download but I and my conversion guy spent considerable time seeing that everything made the transition correctly. In spite of what you may hear, it’s not a turn-key operation, especially for a scholarly book with photos, map, and notes of various kinds, and at least for the present quite a bit of hand work is required. The good news is that the maps and photos are all zoomable so you can see details. I even bought a Kindle myself to make sure everything works. So I hope everyone who chimed in about wanting a Kindle copy downloads one so I can pay the guy who did the conversion.

The hard cover print version is no longer available on Amazon or anywhere else but on my web site. I have a few left and will sell them at list price, $34.95, until they are gone. I see that used copies are going for somewhere in the $75 range so it might be a good investment as I have no immediate plans to reprint it.


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