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by Brett Schulte on June 28, 2008 · 0 comments

I’d like to take a moment to welcome Josh M. over at the new Civil War blog Student of the Civil War.  Josh is a graduate student at Rutgers University.  The blog has been around since February, so a hat tip is due to Tom at Touch the Elbow for discovering this fresh fish.  As I often do when welcoming a new member to the Civil War blogosphere, I’ve included Josh’s welcome message on his blog in its entirety:

I started this blog as a forum for me to write about the area of history that interests me the most; the Civil War. I have been a student of this war for years. The first history books I read were about this war and now, as a graduate history student, I am specializing in this time period.

I will use this blog to examine various new trends in schools of thought among Civil War historians. At times i will review new or classic works on the war. I will post news stories related to the war and will also try to present the lighter side of the war. Civil War memory is another topic that will garner much attention on this blog.

The posts that follow were originally posted on my other blog, entitled Publius



Welcome to the group Josh!  I’ve added a link to Student of the Civil War to the right.  Go check it out!

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