AGEOD’s ACW: Feature 23

by Brett Schulte on December 17, 2006 · 0 comments

AGEOD is developing a new Civil War game based on their excellent “Birth of America” engine. Lead developer Pocus has been slowly unveiling various features of the new game over at the AGEOD Forums.

Feature #23 : Zooming-out and Colored Overlays (Filters)

AACW features several levels of smooth zoom-out, handled simply by the mouse wheel. The normal view is best to plan operations up to 5 provinces away from your army, but you can zoom-out at any time to decrease the map scale down to 25% of its original size to get a clearer picture of the war.

Another form of helper is the presence of 6 colored overlays. These are displayed either by pressing a button or with the TAB key. They are:

1. Military control mode. Shows the regions where you have significant patrols or presence (even if you don’t have an actual army). Having more than 50% control in a region means that your patrols are able to detect passing enemy armies and can even prevent retreat if a battle ensued!

2. Supply mode: Very handy to know what regions will block the passage of supply and where your main stockpiles are.

3. Loyalty mode: Shows where there are rebel or pro-union populations. Loyalty is a very important aspect of the war (more later…), influencing partisans, production and fog of war.

4. Objectives mode: Show regions where the city is an objective or earns you victory points.

5. States mode: Show US States, each with it’s own color.

6. Department mode: Show US Departments (Grand Regions/Districts) each with a color.

Partially zoomed-out view (50%) showing the supply filter. The regions where Union supply can enter are shown in green. The crates indicate the size of the stockpile in a city.


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