NorbSoftDev: War 3DII Gettysburg Modding Page

NorbSoftDev Games Mods for War 3DII Gettysburg

War 3DII Gettysburg from NorbSoftDev
War 3DII Gettysburg from NorbSoftDev

This web page will serve as the home of many War 3DII Gettysburg mods and add-ons in the coming months once the game is released sometime in late 2009! Until that time, check out the following interesting articles and links about War 3DII Gettysburg and make sure you tell your friends about this outstanding new Gettysburg computer game!

Tell your modding friends about this new site by using the ShareThis feature below and give modding a try yourself once War 3DII Gettysburg is released!

Full Disclosure: Brett Schulte, the owner of this site, was responsible for the Orders of Battle in War 3DII Gettysburg, including numbers present for duty, weapons, unit quality, and leader quality.  He was compensated accordingly for this work on the game.


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  1. Norb Timpko Avatar

    Great page Brett!!! We’ll get the word out and get this thing done and get this filled with mods!

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