Hancock the Superb’s Heth Scenario (Gettysburg)

NOTE: For help with this mod, refer to the proper MMG forum thread.

Mod Name: GB1 – Heth

Last Updated: May 29, 2008

Author:Hancock the Superb

Other NEEDED Mods:

  1. ADukes’ Community Mod Pack 3.0

Files to Download:

  1. HethToFeelTheEnemyHancock.zip

Readme File (from the MMG Forums):

None. Refer to the forum thread if you have questions about how to use this mod.


One response to “Hancock the Superb’s Heth Scenario (Gettysburg)”

  1. Hancock the Superb Avatar

    Hey everyone, this is Hancock the Superb.

    You need CMP3 Pack for this scenario to run.

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