Tacloban’s Chattanooga Order of Battle (OOB)

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Mod Name: Chattanooga OOB

Last Updated: Added September 25, 2008

Author: Tacloban

Other NEEDED Mods:

  1. ADukes’ Community Mod Pack 3.0
  2. guitarmandanga’s Western Federals Uniforms

Files to Download:

  1. OB_Chattanooga.zip

Readme File (from the MMG Forums):

Chattanooga OOB

I have constructed as best I can an OOB for Chattanooga for TC2M, based on Peter Cozzens’ “The Shipwreck of Their Hopes:  The Battle for Chattanooga” (U. of IL Press, Chicago, 1994) and various online sources. Regimental strengths and armament are mostly semi-educated guesses; Cozzen rarely provides a regiment’s strength and only occasionally gives round-number estimates for brigades, divisions, or corps. Many of the southern regiments seem too big, but I wanted to get the total close to 40,000, as was consistently given by various sources as a total estimate of effectives under Bragg.

The Union OB is organized just for the actual battle, November 24-25 1863. That is, the Union divisions were scrambled among three commands:

Grant – Military District of the Mississippi – 60,674 men consisting of:
Thomas – Army of the Cumberland – 4 divisions – 23,765 men
Sherman – Army of the Tennessee – 6 divisions – 24,042 men
Hooker – Hooker’s Command – 3 divisions – 12,857

Bragg’s opposing Confederate Army of Tennessee is organized into two corps:

Bragg – 38,425 consisting of:
Hardee’s Corps – 22,002 men
Breckinridge’s Corps – 16,280 men

There is a “regular” version (“OB_Chattanooga.csv”) that runs on the stock game, and there is a version (“OB_Chattanooga(FM)”) that requires CMP3, the flag mod, and guitarmandanga’s Western sprites to operate. The Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan troops all use the Western sprites. Although the full complement of batteries assigned to the divisions are included, I did not include the reserve artillery for either side. There is a smattering of small cavalry units.

The Chattanooga OOBs include Generals Grant, Thomas, Sherman, Hooker, Sheridan, and Howard (in Tunnel Hill), as well as Confederate General Bragg, for which Crikey has made a static character sprite. Personally, I use these and think they add to the game, but the installation into the game is a bit more involved than the Flag mod, so I have left them out of this version.

Tunnel Hill (Open Play sub-OOB)
I have an included a handy little sub-OOB for Open Play called Tunnel Hill that is meant to represent Sherman’s assault on the Confederate right. Sherman had 6 divisions at his disposal, but was repulsed by a single reinforced division under Cleburne. In the regular Tunnel Hill OOB, which should run in the unmodded game, Sherman’s has six divisions directly under him. In the Flag Mod version (“OB_Tunnel_Hill(FM).csv”), I have organized the six divisions into the XI and XV corps. On the Confederate side, Hardee’s corps has four divisions. Cleburne’s division is reinforced by Lewis’ brigade from Breckinridge’s corps. The strengths are:


Sherman – Army of the Tennessee – 24,052 men
XV Corps – 12,797
XI Corps – 11,245


Hardee – 23,435
Cleburne – 6,846 (reinforced)
Cheatham – 7,274
Walker – 3,875
Stevenson – 5,500

Have fun. I would appreciate constructive criticism, especially known strengths, armamment, troop quality.
Tacloban Sept 2008


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  1. Arnold Avatar

    The OOB is quite a piece of work. Thank you for sharing it with us other players.

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