Tacloban’s Cedar Creek Order of Battle (OOB)

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Mod Name: Cedar Creek OOB

Last Updated: New September 25, 2008

Author: Tacloban

Other NEEDED Mods:

  1. ADukes’ Community Mod Pack 3.0
  2. guitarmandanga’s Western Federals Uniforms

Files to Download:

  1. OB_Cedar_Creek.zip

Readme File (from the MMG Forums):

Battle of Cedar Creek OOB
October 19, 1864

This OOB is based chiefly on the book “From Winchester to Cedar Creek” by Jeffry D. Wert, and the usual online sources.

There are two versions of this OOB, one for CMP3, Flag Mod and Western Sprites (“OB_Cedar_Creek (FM).csv”) and one that will work in the stock game (“OB_Cedar_Creek.csv”). Everything is loaded into the OOB, except for engineering troops, headquarters escorts, and some of the southern reserve artillery (so many batteries tend to trip over each other).

Strengths are about 32,800 Union and about 21,800 for the rednecks, I mean, southerners (I am one, so I can say those things). The rebel troops are mostly crack veterans, while about half of the US forces are green. There is a lot of horse manure on the roads: The US cavalry is elite, well mounted, and well armed, while the Confederate cavalry has seen better days. They are high quality troops, but their horses are fatigued and they mostly carry Enfields. The superb northern cavalry is what really tips the OOB in the Union’s favor.

The Iowa troops are in Western Uniforms.

Have fun and let me know when you find mistakes,

Sept 2008


One response to “Tacloban’s Cedar Creek Order of Battle (OOB)”

  1. Brandon Benner Avatar
    Brandon Benner

    I think I may like this one. I reenact with a battery that fought at Cedar Creek, so I’ll be able to fight as my own battery.

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