Marauder’s Texas Order of Battle (OOB)

NOTE: For help with this mod, refer to the proper MMG forum thread.

Mod Name: Texas OOB

Last Updated: July 8, 2008

Author: Marauder

Other NEEDED Mods:

  1. ADukes’ Community Mod Pack 3.0

Files to Download:

  1. OB_Texas.rar

Readme File (from the MMG Forums):

Normal stuff goes with this OOB.

You need CMP 3.0

It is not very flashy but I thought it would be a cool project.

Story on it is that Texas seceded from the Union but did not join the Confederacy and instead formed their own republic (with Southern sympathies of course). The Union sent McClellan down to invade Texas from the Red River. The union has a strength superiority and most of the Texans are green troops.

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