JC Edwards Mad Minute Games Order of Battle (OOB) V3

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Mod Name: JC Edwards MMG OOB V3

Last Updated: Added June 30, 2008

Author: JC Edwards

Other NEEDED Mods:

  1. ADukes’ Community Mod Pack 3.0

Files to Download:

  1. OB_MMG_3(FM).zip

Readme File (from the MMG Forums):

Gentlemen and Community Members

In keeping with (I hope) what will become an MMG Community tradition, I am proposing a new MMG OOB version 3.

This one will take a little more time to complete, as I have decided to add a new 2nd Corp for each MMG Army.
Each new Corp will consist of 3 Divisions with 3 – 4 Brigades of Infantry, a Cavalry brigade and a total of 12 guns in each Division; along with new units & more wagons in both Corp (something I’ve wanted to do for awhile).

I’m hoping that there is still interest in the MMG OOB (it’s not everyday that we can all be in a game). The #1 thing for this OOB originally was for us to have fun and beat each other up! Laughing

There are many new community members now and this is their chance to be “immortalized”; but as with the first 2 MMG OOBs, senior members of the community (specifically, those in the last OOB) will be given promotions 1st and then commissions for our new comrades who would like to be included.

For those of you new members and members that did not make it into last one that would like to be included in the OOB, please specify which Army (USA/CSA) you would most like to serve in and what classification of command you would like i.e. Infantry Brigade, Cavalry or Artillery.
As a tradition, your forum name will be your name in the OOB along with a suitable nickname decided by myself. The nickname however is final and non-negotiable. Laughing

So please, let me know what you all think and post your thoughts here in this thread. Very Happy

Thank you for your time.

with regards

Lt Gen J.C. “Madman” Edwards, Commander I Corp, (MMG) Army of Virginia


2 responses to “JC Edwards Mad Minute Games Order of Battle (OOB) V3”

  1. JC Edwards Avatar
    JC Edwards

    Just a note

    I wasn’t able to add more wagon’s to the new MMG OOB……sorry bout that. Also as most of you know, but for those who have yet to download the OOB, each of the new II Corps for each Army have 2 Infantry Divisions and 1 Cavalry Division with 12 Guns per Division.
    I hope all enjoy.


  2. David Avatar


    Question about corps… Are you able to bring more than 5 per side into an open play game? If so how would you do this?



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