guitarmandanga’s Western Federals Uniform Mod

NOTE: For help with this mod, refer to the proper MMG forum thread.

Mod Name: Western Feds Uniform Mod

Last Updated: June 9, 2008

Author: guitarmandanga

Other NEEDED Mods:

  1. Updated .csv files (YOU must do this for now. Refer to the thread for details if necessary.)

Files to Download:

  2. Note: The Data Files only include the stock specs plus the Western Fed specs, nothing else (no other terrain, sound, sprite, or miscellaneous mods).  Make sure you back up the stock files before overwriting!!!

Readme File (from the MMG Forums):

The sprite files have been sent to Brett to post.


I finally figured out what was wrong with the .csv files (I left out an entire row in one of them! Confused ). They have been sent to Brett to be posted.

NOTE: The .csv files only include the alterations made for this particular mod, no others (I took the stock .csv files and made only the amendments required to add this uniform). So, as mentioned in the readme file, be sure that if you have an existing, modified .csv file, to copy and paste the specified portions of the files into your own, rather than simply overwriting with them; otherwise you may not be able to load any number of recent sprite/sound/terrain mods for CMP 3.0.


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