ADukes’ Community Mod Pack 3.0

NOTE: For help with this mod, refer to the proper MMG forum thread as linked to below.

Mod Name: Community Mod Pack 3.0

Last Updated: May 24, 2008

Author: ADukes

Files to Download:

  1. CMP_3.0_english.exe
  2. Or via any of the links in the Readme file shown below.

Readme File (from the MMG Forums):

This is version 3.0 of the Community Mod Pack (CMP).

CMP 3.0 English Size: 119.54MB

4 Mirrors:
(The best speed and performance has Rapidshare, only problem is the waiting time between the downloads and maybe the extraction process.)


They have a file size limit of 100MB, so I had to create a self extracting splitted archiv. Download the second file first (part2), to reduce the waiting time after finishing the download and starting the next one.
If you have downloaded both files, run CMP_3.0_english.sfx.part1.exe, choose a destination folder, wait until the extraction process is finished, than go to the destination folder and run the CMP_3.0_english.exe.

CMP 3.0 English to German Size: 2.84MB


Things included:

-1st Bull Run maps and scenarios convertation
-Flag Effects Mod
-Flag Mod 1.3
-Longstreet, Hill, Texas flag and Lee’s HQ flag sprites
-Map & Scenario Pack 1.0
-OOB Pack 2.5
-Open Play Battle Preview Screen
-Smoke Effects & Smoke Mod 2.0
-Static Character Sprites
-Texture Mod
-Toolbar & Sound Mod 1.5
-Unitcommon Fixes (now part of the third TC2M patch)
-US Sharpshooter and Officer sprites
-Visibility in Yards Display Mod
-Weapons Mod

-added JB Hood’s Flag Mod
-added Crickey’s Static Character Sprites
-added battle preview in the Open Play screen
-added JB Hood’s Texture Mod
-added Doomwalker’s Flag Effects Mod
-added Phantom Captain’s Weapons Mod
-added cavalry brigade skirmish formation
-added Confederate state flags and 11th New York flag from 1st Bull Run
-improved smoke effects by integrating parts of Mozirry’s Smoke Mod
-adjusted text placements in the main menu screens (minor changes)
-fixed USSS running & shooting sprites (thank you Tim)
-fixed low res version of the South Carolina flag, it’s now the same as the high res version
-fixed original MMG error, where the high res version of the two 1st National flags didn’t match the low res ones

M&S 1.0:
-added Davinci’s Cedar Road, Cedar Gap and Gettysburg Cemetery Hill maps
-added Louie Raider’s Antietam, Champion Hill and Chickamauga maps
-added MarkT’s Antietam (AN*) and Chickamauga (CHI*) scenarios
-added JB Hood’s Gettysburg 3 days in 8 hours scenario
-added N00b’s Gettysburg (GB*) scenarios
-added CountArach’s Second Manassas (SM*) scenarios
-altered fogging and clipping on the Cedar Gap and Gettysburg Cemetery Hill maps
-altered 1st Bull Run scenarios, so that the new/old flags are available while playing
-adjusted artillery strengths of the 1st Bull Run scenarios to the same as in the OOBs
-adjusted ammo for all units of the 1st Bull Run scenarios to the values used in the OOBs
-fixed path failure of the Chickamauga maps
-fixed path failure of the Cedar Road map
-fixed 1st Bull Run tutorial scenarios

TB&S 1.5:
-added infantry brigade lie down/Rise up button
-added new button for the new cavalry brigade skirmish formation
-changed button layout (only minor changes)

OOB 2.5:
-added OOBs from Crickey, Gary, JC Edwards and Tacloban
-added 8 new OOBs – OB_2ndM_(HA), OB_2ndM_US_reorganized_(HA), OB_Gettysburg_What_if, OB_GB_3rd_Day, OB_GB_US_reorganized, OB_GB_US+Cav_reorganized, OB_Fredericksburg and OB_Fredericksburg_(HA)
-added Flag Mod versions of the 2nd Manassas, Antietam, Cedar Mountain, Champion Hill, Chancellorsville, Chantilly, Chickamauga, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, MMG, Sharpsburg, Shiloh, Spotsylvania and Stones River OOBs
-added two new unit classes C_Zouaves and C_Stonewall_Brigade, so it’s possible now to have Confederate units with the right toolbar and the sprites of the 5th NY or Iron Brigade like in the MMG OOB
-changed OOB file names, all spaces replaced by a “_” to make it compatible with the battle preview
-altered 1st Bull Run OOBs, so that the new/old flags are available while playing
-fixed regiment strengths in the Antietam and Gettysburg OOBs
-fixed toolbar problem with Jackson in the Chancellorsville OOB
-fixed many other small things
-Static Character sprites are in every OOB where those characters are available (except 1st Bull Run)

IMPORTANT: The third TC2M patch is required. You can find the patch in the support section at


Known errors:
-missing strengths for the (hA) OOBs
-messed up low res CFM_Battle flag animation
-messed up objective names in the Antietam_1 and Gettysburg map CSV files (caused by wrong files)
-messed up formation buttons highlighting


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