Murat30’s GGWBTS 1.20 + Leaders Mod

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Mod Name: Murat30’s GGWBTS 1.0 Mod

Last Updated: August 20, 2008

Author: Murat30

Files to Download:

  1. (if you do NOT want the Leader updates!)
  2. (if you DO want the leader updates, see Readme below)

Readme File (from the Matrix Games Forums):

greetings, this post gives info on the readme files about what to expect from my modded version.
(take care about the change on unit durability, i are concerned that it causes more “winter attrition”)
(please excuse my poor english, it is not my native speaking language).
readme 1…
place all three files of “Alarick Mod” on /WBTS/Dat/ Dir, You must overwrite, so, for return to
the original, you have stock files on “stock” dir (WBTS Version 1.0)
Mod Data Creation… 18/24-June-2008
readme 2…
War Between The States – Alarick Mod…

features that change on my mod…

*overall much more troops, more factories capability…
increase on numbers decresed the proportion-odd ratios, as well, with less troops the
combat proportions-odds increases.(with more troops there are lesser luck factor)
note 01… i encourage to give some supply bonus, maybe USA 3 / CSA 2,
, in example… USA+300 Supplies / CSA+200 Supplies.
(needed to support the increase on number of troops.)

*higher CSA combat bonus…
in default game, (and is good for balance overall), there are more infantry USA, this
can make the CSA default bonus inefficient, the main real advantage in the real war,
, is the fact that each “nation” use different system on his replacement and training
system, in fact, USA keeps on the field units and make with recruits new troops,
, meanwhile CSA mixed new recruits with seasoned veterans, so, indeed, making
better overall units, this is my point to make stronger the CSA troops, and too for
playability and then for flavour, basically quality vs quantity, but keeping in mind the
fact that CSA do not need to “ko” the federals, just survive, this will be taking in
account when giving the manpower (Population) bonus for both sides.

*i are thinking about giving some capability to the USA to make (only) the first
call to draft around free (trough increase of starting victory points for USA),
, maybe 1050/1100 (early, CSA is with some offensive options, on neutral
states and maybe in missouri, this can hurt the USA VP standing, so this is
because i are thinking about the +100 USA VP standing increase, instead only
the 50 (just the cost of a draft).

*i am not sure to make public before or after playtest, for before is to make the
mod available more fast but can have some unbalance issues, then, after play
release will be tested and maybe adressed issues on balance if it arise.

date/version info… 18/June/2008, WBTS Version – 1.0
readme 3
Mod Changes 01 – File… “unitdata61″…

All Infantry, Militia, Artillery, Heavy Artillery… Movement 3 (From 1)
All Cavalry & Mounted Troops… Movement 5 (From 3)

CSA, Infantry, Militia, +1 Land Attack (TD_LA) (8/7 From 7/6)
CSA, Cavalry, Mounted Troops +1 Land Attack (7/6 From 6/5)

1.3… (Defense Decreasing)
CSA… Infantry/Militia/Cavalry/Mounted… (-1) (27/25/29/23)
USA… Infantry/Militia/Cavalry/Mounted… (-1) (27/25/27/23)

Overall… USA Artillery And CSA Infantry Will Score More Hits.
readme 4
Mod Changes 02 – scendat61…

Purpose… To Allow A First Time “Free” Draft For The Union Player, Taken in account the
starting offensive options by the CSA Player.

USA/CSA Political Standing… 1070 (From 1000)

the draft system at ultimate is what makes the difference that can allow a USA victory, an early agressive CSA player can off-set the Victory Point advantage.
readme 5
Mod Changes 03 – region61…

Each Listed Region Receives Following Bonus (If Them Enhance The Region)…
+1/+1 (Factory/Resource)
USA… Population Up To 12 Points Each City.
CSA… Population Up To 06 Points Each City.

USA Enhanced Cities (And Population Mod)…

PA/Harrisburg (4 To 12) (+8/+8)
PA/Pittsburg (4 To 12) (+8/+16)
NJ/NewArk (3 To 12) (+9/+25)
ML/Washington (4 To 12) (+8/+33)
NE/Portland (4 To 12) (+8/+41)
IO/Cedar Rapids (1 To 12) (+11/+52)
IL/Chicago (5 To 12) (+7/+59)
WN/Milwaukee (2 To 12) (+10/+69)
IN/Indianapolis (4 To 12) (+8/+77)
MICH/Detroit (4 To 12) (+8/+85)
OH/Cincinnati (4 To 12) (+8/+93)
NY/New York (18+0) (+0/+93)

USA Grand Total Increase… 93 Population.

CSA Enhanced Cities (And Population Mod)…

LOU/New Orleans (2 To 6) (+4/+4)
NC/Raleigh (2 To 6) (+4/+8)
MIS/Jackson (1 To 6) (+5/+13)
VIR/Richmond (2 To 6) (+4/+17)
AL/Mobile (2 To 6) (+4/+21)
GE/Atlanta (2 To 6) (+4/+25)
GE/Savannah (2 To 6) (+4/+29)
AR/Little Rock (1 To 6) (+5/+34)
TN/Nashville (2 To 6) (+4/+38)
TN/Memphis (2 To 6) (+4/+42)
SC/Columbia (2 To 6) (+4/+46)
SC/Charleston (2 To 6) (+4/+50)

CSA Grand Total Increase… 50 Population.

nearly, the population increase is proportional, both for “base” values and too between sides, increased number of units need the supply from the extra factories, increased number of units can, somewhat, to somepoint, off-set the winter attrition feature.

all feedback wellcome,

hope you enjoy the mod if decide to play it,

with best regards,


Modifications At 20/August/2008… Leaders Command Ratings Changes, Added As GGWBTS Alarick Mod 1.20…
GGWBTS Leaders Changes – Version 1.20…

Only Change To make Better Command Rating…

Overall Purpose… Make Soften Leaders Illness And Casualties.

Changes (Leaders61.txt) – For Offmap Starting Leaders
And Changes (Region61.txt) For On Map Startign Leaders
Thanks to Gary Grygsby And Joel Billings For his guidance
to modify the files, without the guidance the mod will not have
been possible.

(only Command Rating)

CSA… 1 Longstreet (10 To 18) Overall +8
USA… 1 N Lyon (11 To 16) Overall +5
CSA… 2 JB Hood (9 To 16) Overall +15 CSA
USA… 2 G Meade (12 To 16) Overall +9 USA
CSA… 3 Beauregard (14 To 16) Overall +17
USA… 3 Sheridan (9 To 14) Overall +14
CSA… 4 JEB Stuard (8 To 14) Overall +23 CSA
USA… 4 I.MacDowel (11 To 14) Overall +17 USA
CSA… 5 A.P.Hill ( 8 To 16) Overall +31
USA… 5 McPherson (9 To 14) Overall +22
CSA… 6 Braxton Bragg (13 To 16) Overall +34
USA… 6 John Reynolds (9 To 14) Overall +27
CSA… 7 Richard Ewell (9 To 14) Overall +39 CSA
USA… 7 George Thomas (9 To 14) Overall +32 USA
CSA… 8 Jubal Early (9 To 14) Overall +44
USA… 8 William T Sherman (11 To 16) Overall +37
CSA… 9 Thomas Jackson (10 To 16) Overall +50 CSA
USA… 9 J Hooker (12 To 16) Overall +41 USA
CSA… 10 AS Jonsthon (18 To 20) Overall +52
USA… 10 Burnside (12 To 14) Overall +43
CSA… 11 J Johnston (18 To 20) Overall Total CSA +54
USA… 11 G McClelland (16 To 20) Overall Total USA +47

Link To The Files (There Are one For WBTS 1.0 Without leader changes and the file for WBTS 1.20 with the leaders changes)

hope you enjoy the mod, it is not playtest but given the good file system is easy to make shape to what i have in mind.

link at…

thanks again to the guidande of the team, gary grygsby and of course joel byllings,

best regards,



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