Help Topics – Forge of Freedom

Help Topics for Forge of Freedom

This area is a little different. It contains no mods to download. Instead, the links below go directly to the Matrix Games forum threads which contain the helpful modding information.


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  1. Michael D. Rawson Avatar

    Im still abit technologically inept so I hope what I am asking help for will be a no brainer. I am a very, very distant relitive of Gen Lewis Armistead, so I want the game to start with him already being a brigadier general… a truely excellent one.
    Im also hoping to creat my own character as a Brig. Gen. made of fictional units from Virginia. Since I know so little about computers I was hoping someone could take some time… i hope not too much… out of their day and write a short of ‘for dummies’ version for me. If you feel it would be quicker to just do it and tell me where to cut and past I can do that too… though I would like to learn how to do this stuff.
    Thank you very much,

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