Latest Patch – AGEod’s American Civil War

Unfortunately, due to the work of people who pirate games, I am only able to host the latest patch. You should always find the latest version of the game listed below.


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  1. Scott Avatar

    Where do I get info on how to install the patch? Thanks in advance for your help!

  2. admin Avatar


    There really aren’t any instructions. Unzip the .exe file and doulbe left click. Follow the on screen prompts after that.


  3. Stuart Avatar

    Although I havent installed it yet I seem to have the version 1.15 Patch? I was just preparing to play a game of Aacw and thought I would check for a more advanced Patch before I started and the search engine directed me to you! I am an amateur ACW buff myself and the rest of the site looks great, a place were non-proffessional scholars like myself can come without feeling too pressured to be perfect. I will definitely be loading you as a Favourite. Before I begin a game that may well take me wks or even mnths to finish. (I am a Grand Campaign kinda guy if I am gonna fight a war I want to fight all of it especially the politics, economics and the rest) I believe that especially in the case of the civil war that is where victory was won and lost. The South could probably forced a stalemate on the battlefield forever what they couldnt do was compete with the overwhelming resources of the North. It was such a close thing following Antietam one more victory and the Europeans would have intervened Palmerston the British Prime Minister had all but said as much. From my studies I have found that the ACW was a war where the General Officers effected the war’s outcome as much by what they failed to do as by the victories they won. A General fails to get his division moving in time or even fails to join an attack at all, misconstrued orders must have been the underlying story of the war! Sorry I am rambling what I was gonna say was it would be nice to know from someone who has played a number of ACW wargames if the one I am about to embark on is the best strategic simulation as well as at least an adequate combat one. I graduated from hex and counter board wargames and as such am more of a wargamer than a joystick jockey. I am interested in grand strategy the industrial production and economics of the war which as I intend to play the gray I am expecting to be a severe challenge, I am always amazed that the south lasted as long as she did with 90% of the Unions hvy industry, 90% of its shipbuilding capacity all in the North, I read somewhere there were only 110,000 muskets in the entire South in 1861, I wonder what they would have done without the influx of artillery (cannon) from their capture of Norfolk? Anyway I ramble again, its rare I get to communicate with anyone who might be interested. Anycase is this the latest Patch or is my version 1.15 more current? If you have played alternative games please let me know which you think are best and if I have selected wisely.
    Yours Sincerely
    Stuart DeQuincy (soon to be Provisional President of the C.S.A.)

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