runyan99’s Leader Mod for 1.10b

NOTE: For help with this mod, refer to the proper AGEod forum thread as linked to below.

Mod Name: Leader Mod for 1.10

Last Updated: May 28, 2008

Author: runyan99

Files to Download:

  1. 1.10b leader mod Updated May 28
  2. (Jabberwock’s portraits for inclusion in the mod. See the notes below.)

Readme File (from the AGEod Forums):

Here is a leader mod compatible with 1.10. It is for the April 1861 long campaign, but will affect other scenarios as well. The mod is intended to be a more historical treatment of the generals of the Civil War as compared to the basic April scenario. The mod reevaluates all leaders in the game, using new ranks, stats and traits for many leaders, and adds new leaders as well. Often, the mod tends to reduce leader stats and add traits compared to the basic game.

I have decided to do without a blow by blow list of all changes in the mod from the basic game, but the following are the most significant changes to gameplay:

First is the McClellan paradox. With McDowell in command of the army, and with better stats than McClellan, most players are not sending McClellan to the east at all because they don’t need him. So, McClellan has been getting sent to Kentucky or Missouri most of the time by most players.

In this version of the mod McDowell, Butler, Banks and Fremont have been reduced to two star rank. Thus, there are only two Union generals eligible to command armies in 1861, and they are Halleck and McClellan.

What this means is that now when the Union player forms his first army, he will NEED McClellan to come east and take command of the eastern army, and McDowell can assume his historical role as a corps commander in McClellan’s army. McClellan becomes The Indispensable Man that he should be in 1861.

On the Confederate side, theirs is an army of brigades at first. The Confederates are not allowed to form their divisions until October ’61. To partially compensate for this, the Confederate player has early access to 4 important leaders from Bull Run – DR Jones, Early, Ewell and Longstreet.

Many important corps commanders will automatically be promoted to ** rank on an appropriate date.

The radius for army HQs has been reduced. Most armies will have a 2 region radius, and the best leaders like Grant or Lee will have a 3 region radius. The reason for this change is to encourage the use of more three star leaders as army commanders, and to reduce overlap between army radii. With this change, the player should need two armies in places like east and west Tennessee (Buell/Grant or Beuaregard/Johnston) as was the case historically.

Misspelled names corrected, and all generals now have full names instead of only first initials.

Coefficient for leader casualties is now 1/50. Note however that the game protects leaders attached to units (i.e. division commanders) from casualties at this time.

This mod is designed to be played with the Activation option set on Standard (the second check box). You could play with the new option that can fix inactive leaders, but with the new lower ratings for many leaders in this mod, you may find that leaders are fixed too often.

Johnston’s army now appears in Winchester where it was historically located.

NEW Beauregard’s army now appears at Manassas.

Installation instructions for the mod are as follows.

Patch the game to the latest version. Then go into Ageod’s Civil War/ACW/Gamedata and delete the Units and Models folders. If you skip this step the game will crash on startup. Replace them with the modded Units and Models folders. Then copy and overwrite the modded events files into ACW/Events, the Alias files into ACW/Aliases, and the settings folder into ACW/Settings.

NEW Additionally, this edition of the mod includes Jabberwock’s portraits which are unofficial as of this date. They are contained in the attached graphics zipfile. Copy the Armies&Fleets files into ACW/Graphics/Armies&Fleets and the Units graphics into ACW/Graphics/Units.

P.S. I do not recommend updating the mod during an ongoing PBEM, as leader stats may change from update to update, as well as the alias files. In the worst case scenario, this could possibly cause a crash or corrupt your PBEM. I recommend finishing the game, then updating before starting a new game.


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