Jabberwock’s Generals Graphics Mod for 1.09

NOTE: For help with this mod, refer to the proper AGEod forum thread as linked to below.

Mod Name: Generals Graphics Mod for 1.09

Last Updated: May 23, 2008

Author: Jabberwock

Files to Download:

  1. 61.zip
  2. 62.zip
  3. 63.zip

Readme File (from the AGEod Forums):

New easy-install procedure. Unzip to the ACW folder. That’s it.

61 contains:

Alexander Asboth
Christopher Auger
Louis Blenker
Charles Griffin
Charles Hamilton
Albion Howe
Andrew Humphreys
David Hunter
Stephen Hurlburt
Erasmus Keyes
George McCall
Thomas Meagher
Dixon Miles
Robert Milroy
George Morell
William Nelson
James Palmer (Admiral)
George Pearson
Theodore Runyon
Carl Schurz
James Shields
Edwin Sumner
Daniel Tyler
Lew Wallace
Thomas Wood

Barnard Bee
Milledge Bonham
John Floyd
Bushrod Johnson
David Jones
Benjamin McCulloch
Daniel Ruggles
Gustavus Smith
William Taliaferro
William Whiting
Charles Winder
Felix Zollicoffer

Recently updated Robert Milroy.

62 contains:

Edward Alexander (updated)
James Cantey
Raleigh Colston
George Doles
John Forney
John G. Walker
James Major
Jean Jacques Mouton
John McCown
Jones Withers
William H. F. Lee

Hiram Berry
Daniel Butterfield
John Caldwell
John Davidson
Charles Devens
John Dix
William French
John Geary
David Gregg
Alexander Hays
Richard Johnson
Phillip Kearny
Rufus King
Gillman Marston
John McArthur
James Negley
John Palmer
John Parke
Calvin Pratt
Benjamin Prentiss
Joseph Reynolds
Israel Richardson
James Ricketts
A.J. Smith
William F. Smith
Isaac Stevens
Abel Streight
Horatio Van Cleve
James Veatch
Adolph von Steinwehr
Amiel Whipple
Alpheus Williams
August Willich

I’ll leave up jf1.zip for now, that has just the new pictures by jackfox, with the old installation procedure.

Only 6 more to go on ’62!

63 contains:

Carter Stevenson
Cadmus Wilcox

David Birney
Frank Blair
Grenville Dodge
Francis Herron
Henry Hunt
Peter Osterhaus
Robert Schenk
James Wadsworth
John Wilder (new by Jackfox)
Horatio Wright


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