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  • Savas Beatie Offers Up Some Interesting Battle Studies

    I read Ted Savas’ recent post alluding to some upcoming titles in the Savas Beatie catalog. Among these are Lance Herdegen’s “Those Damn Blackhats!” The Iron Brigade at Gettysburg (due out in the Spring of 2009) and a battle study of South Mountain. What really interested me was the following: I am anxious to share […]

  • Campaign Antietam Screen Shots: South Mountain

    Now that I’ve had HPS‘ newly released Campaign Antietam for over a week, I wanted to post some screenshots of the various battlefields covered in the game over the course of a few posts. Despite being given the name “Campaign Antietam”, the game actually covers quite a few more battlefields, including First Bull Run (including […]

  • Rifles and Sharpshooters

    I wanted to follow up on something Brett mentioned in his last post on my book – that armies often times spur innovations by their opponents. One example I mention early on is the formation of rifle units in the British Army, which did so in large part because of its experiences in America. Now […]