Savas Beatie Offers Up Some Interesting Battle Studies

I read Ted Savas’ recent post alluding to some upcoming titles in the Savas Beatie catalog. Among these are Lance Herdegen’s “Those Damn Blackhats!” The Iron Brigade at Gettysburg (due out in the Spring of 2009) and a battle study of South Mountain. What really interested me was the following:

I am anxious to share with you information about a two-volume campaign set–a pure “fix the bayonets” sort of battle study from the first page to the last–in the near future as soon as the signed contract comes back. I am confident it will find many interested readers.

What campaign could Ted be referring to? Only time will tell, but here’s hoping for something on Petersburg or a similarly neglected campaign.


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  1. Drew W. Avatar

    I can’t wait to find out either. I wonder who is writing the South Mountain book, as well.

  2. Don Hallstrom Avatar
    Don Hallstrom

    Hello TOCWOC

    Really enjoy scanning all the blogs for information on upcoming books. I rely on Drew’s page for this and then scan all others. As an avid collector always good to hear about new books. The bloggers a the new blog, Army of Tennessee provided some information on some new books focused on the AOT. They also said Steven Woodworth was going to be doing some more writing, which is always welcome.
    Concerning Savas, really looking forward to their biography of Robert Rodes. I was always led to believe that a a biography was impossible since all his personal papers have never been found? Like you, looking forward to South Mountain and regardless of what the 2 volume campaign study is, I know it will be first rate if Savas is doing it.

    Regards and keep up the good work.
    Don H.

  3. Brett S. Avatar


    Thanks for the kind words. I’ve had my eye on that Rodes bio as well. Good point regarding Savas’ quality. I’ve been a big fan of theirs through all of their iterations.

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  5. Theodore P. Savas Avatar

    Thanks for the feedback and kind words, guys. We work very hard to live up to your expectations. Being human, it has its moments.

    (BTW, the Rodes bio is done, and the delay has been our own fault; it should go to the printer within 10 days or so. We think it is very good, and for the first time fleshes out Rodes the man. I hope it meets with your expectations. If you want a signed copy, make sure and order / reserve one through the website. We are going to make sure the author has a limited number of copies to personally sign/inscribe.)

    Stay well.

    Theodore P. Savas
    Savas Beatie LLC
    989 Governor Dr., Suite 102
    P.O. Box 4527
    El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
    916.941.6896 (phone
    916.941.6895 (fax)

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