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  • Short Takes

    A beautifully engraved LeMat repro is up for charity auction at Gunbroker. This is #158 of 500 of the Museum of the Confederacy Tribute to the Confederate cause and those who fought valiantly for that cause. The revolver is an F.LLI Pietta historical reproduction of the famous confederate LeMat revolver. The LeMat revolver was a […]

  • America’s Civil War, July 2006

    America’s Civil War Volume 19, Number 3 (July 2006) America’s Civil War Web Site Page 6 Editorial Page 8 Dispatches Page 12 Men and Materiel by Doug Adams The LeMat revolver is discussed in this edition of Men and Materiel.  This typically .44 caliber pistol had nine cylinders and also packed the added punch of […]