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A beautifully engraved LeMat repro is up for charity auction at Gunbroker.

This is #158 of 500 of the Museum of the Confederacy Tribute to the Confederate cause and those who fought valiantly for that cause. The revolver is an F.LLI Pietta historical reproduction of the famous confederate LeMat revolver.
The LeMat revolver was a truly unique firearm design, and is closely associated with the Confederacy, since it was first utilized by soldiers who fought for the Confederate States of America. The Museum of the Confederacy Tribute Revolver combines the classic design of the fabled LeMat revolver with striking 24-karat gold and nickel artwork.
This is America Remembers’ first-ever issue on a LeMat revolver which was issued with the approval and authorization of The Museum of the Confederacy
Along the right side of the barrel, the issue is identified as “The Museum of the Confederacy Tribute” in a classic banner tipped in matching scrollwork. Each Tribute’s individual edition number is featured on top of the barrel near the sight. This is number 158.

Only two days left, so get your bid in soon.

Time Magazine does a slide show on the Top Ten Doctored Photos, starting off with a portrait of Sherman and his generals. Since one was missing, Matthew Brady obligingly “shopped” him in.

I have been reading several books on guerrilla warfare in the Civil War and frankly it’s been a depressing read. Very little gallantry but lots of killing, burning and looting on both sides. One thing I began to wonder about is how this affects the commonly cited total of 620,000 killed in the war. Thousands more were killed in the guerrilla war and never counted—military, guerrilla, and civilian, especially the latter. Someday I’d like to see a good demographer try to come with an estimate of how many people died in the “other war” which raged without ceasing for four years and in some cases long after. I think the numbers would be shocking. I hope to be able to post a review soon.

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2 responses to “Short Takes”

  1. Doug Pologe Avatar

    I’ve never read anything about guerrilla warfare during the Civil War, but your remarks interest me. It sounds less like “warfare” and more like the type of looting that occurs after a hurricane.

  2. Fred Ray Avatar
    Fred Ray

    It would be more like the National Guard looting the place and then burning it down.

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