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  • James Burton and Firearms Design and Development

    Nice article on James Burton, who, as it says, was one of the most important and influential men in firearms design and development, especially regarding manufacture. An American, he also figures prominently in the Civil War. In April 1844, Burton took a job as a machinist at the Harpers Ferry Armory. Coincidentally, the B&O Railroad […]

  • I Feeel Good! (About Raiding Harpers Ferry)

    Lots of bad news all over these days, but I did get a laugh out of this one. The Associated Press had to issue a correction last month after a story suggested that legendary 20th Century musician James Brown, and not fiery abolitionist John Brown, led a raid on Harpers Ferry just before the Civil […]

  • Assassination, Blame, and Gun Control

    In the wake of the recent shootings in Arizona, Wired magazine looks at at a Secret Service study on the motivations of assassins. Although they vary, politics plays a surprisingly small role. Contrary to popular assumptions about public killings, the attackers didn’t conform to any particular demographic profile. But when Fein reconstructed their patterns of […]

  • Dr. Tom Clemens to Serve as Tour Guide of Phase I of Antietam Campaign

    The Save Historic Antietam Foundtaion is putting on a tour of “Phase I” of the Antietam Campaign led by Dr. Tom Clemens, author of The Maryland Campaign of September, 1862, Volume I: South Mountain and Dennis Frye, National Park Service Historian at Harper’s Ferry.  This one-day tour will occur on July 31, 2010, covers the […]

  • Top 5 Civil War Books on the Battle of Antietam and the Maryland Campaign of 1862

    Editor’s Note:  There is an updated list of Antietam books I came up with on the 150th Anniversary of the battle.  Click here to check it out: The Best Antietam (Sharpsburg) Books I love sharing the knowledge I’ve gained over the years from reading, and reading about, top Civil War books.  I’ve also always found […]

  • Civil War Times Illustrated, September 2006

    Civil War Times Volume 45, Number 7 (September 2006) Civil War Times Web Site Page 7 Turning Points: Dr. Letterman’s War by Jeffry D. Wert Army surgeon Jonathan K. Letterman instituted a system to expedite removal of wounded from the field of battle to hospitals and medical stations.  Appointed medical director of the Army of […]