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  • Civil War Odds & Ends: July 26, 2008

    Yesterday’s Odds & Ends took a look at the latest in the Civil War blogosphere.  As promised, here is a bonus Odds & Ends covering the rest of the latest Civil War news across the rest of the World Wide Web.  I am also going to start calling this column “Civil War Odds & Ends” […]

  • Dark Command: John Wayne, Roy Rogers, and the Butchering of Civil War History

    Dark Command, a John Wayne and Claire Trevor vehicle, is loosely based on the Civil War career of William Clarke Quantrill, the Confederate guerrilla operating mostly in Missouri and Kansas during the Civil War. When I write loosely, I should probably capitalize, bold, and underline that word. While the movie is entertaining if you like […]

  • Odds & Ends: June 21, 2008

    This Odds & Ends is going out while I’m in LA on a business trip.  I’ll probably either be packing up our booth from the Trade Show or on a plane home when you read this.  Good thing you get to do some Civil War related reading while I’m away! 😉 Old Picture of the […]

  • Civil War Talk Radio: June 6, 2008

    Note: Welcome to all StumbleUpon users.  If you enjoy the Civil War and the blog entry below, I encourage you to check out my top posts over in the right sidebar as well as surf through my Categories page to find subjects of interest to you.  I also encourage you to subscribe to my Feedburner […]

  • Odds & Ends: May 29, 2008

    Gone With the Wind and UFOs? Check it out. XDA has a list of the top 45 war movies ever made. I have no idea how these were chosen, but only three American Civil War movies made the list: Glory Ride With the Devil The General Harry Smeltzer has a nice start to a bibliography […]