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  • Short Takes

    Tony Horowitz (Confederates in the Attic) has an article on “150 Years of Misunderstanding the Civil War.” A better title would be “150 Years of Changing Interpretations of the Civil War.” Historians, as Lord Acton observed, are merely politicians looking backwards, and they have their own prejudices and points of view. As he notes most […]


    THE BATTLES THAT MADE ABRAHAM LINCOLN: How Lincoln Mastered his Enemies to Win the Civil War, Free the Slaves, and Preserve the Union by Larry Tagg Product Details Paperback: 576 pages Publisher: Savas Beatie (November 2012) Language: English ISBN-10: 1611211263 ISBN-13: 978-1611211269 A wonderful and unique look at Lincoln’s presidency. Our Abraham Lincoln is the […]

  • Abe’s Taxes

    Yes, tomorrow is that day again — Tax Day. You can blame it on Abe Lincoln. Back in 1861 when the war began, President Abraham Lincoln could foresee problems in raising money to finance the war effort; at that time the only Federal income was through customs duties.  It was then that Congress got into […]

  • Lincoln’s Search for Generals

    I follow discussions at other blogs and on online civil war forums and again and again I have seen debate about the choices Lincoln made in picking generals.  I believe that the usual view of why some so-called ‘political’ generals were chosen is incomplete or misguided. While there was a political element to all the […]

  • A Patriotic Tipple

    Since we are honoring presidents today we might take a moment of two to do it with spirit(s). The two whose birthdays fall near today—George Washington and Abe Lincoln—both liked to imbibe a wee dram now and again. Washington even made it and was by some accounts at one time the largest distiller in the […]

  • Lincoln’s Bullet, Sickles’ Leg

    And many other “morbid” things, are going to a new home. The $12 million relocation established a permanent home for an institution that has had 10 addresses since 1862. That’s when Surgeon General William Hammond directed medical officers in the field to collect “specimens of morbid anatomy” for study at the newly founded museum along […]

  • Are We In Rebellion Yet?

    Anyone looking for a laugh today (or an example of hyperbole) should check Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s pronouncements today—that the Republicans are “in rebellion” for not supporting President Obama’s jobs bill, just like the Confederacy. President Obama tends to idealize — and rightfully so  — Abraham Lincoln, who looked at states in rebellion and he […]