All of You Can Help Transcribe Civil War Magazines! Here’s How…

Help Wanted and Needed

Hello. If you are reading this we hope it means that you are willing to volunteer to transcribe titles, page numbers, authors, and summaries that make up the index of individual issues of all known Civil War Magazines and Journals. Brett Schulte owns complete runs of the following:

North & South
Blue & Gray
Civil War Times Illustrated
America’s Civil War

The American Civil War Magazines and Journals Index Project needs volunteers to help transcribe the indices of issues of those magazines and journals as well as the ones listed below:

Civil War History
Civil War: The Official Magazine of the Civil War Society
Civil War Chronicles
Confederate Veteran (both versions)
Camp Chase Gazette
Civil War Historian
and others you might know of…

If you are interested in helping, please use the Contact Us form at the top of the page for further details.


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  1. Bobbie M Bowler Avatar

    Do you still need help? I am willing to help out.


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