Number 1 (Spring 2000)

Note: This was the last issue of Columbiad.

Columbiad, Volume 4, Number 1 (Spring 2000)
Columbiad, Volume 4, Number 1 (Spring 2000)

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From The Editor
by Christopher Sanders

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Notes From The Field

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Erin’s Sons of the South
by Kelly J. O’Grady

Although their support of the Confederacy was significant, postwar politics may explain why the many contributions of the South’s Irish immigrants are little remembered today.

Page 43
Fort Saunders Survivor’s Story
edited by Terry A. Johnston, Jr.

In November 1863 General James Longstreet had his old adversary Ambrose Burnside bottled up in Knoxville, Tennessee. Among the Federal soldiers trapped by the Confederates was William Todd who, in a revealing letter to his parents, described life on the siege lines.

Page 66
“So Long’s They Remember They Lost”
by Charles J. Holden

Since the Civil War the memory of the Lost Cause has often been used as a means of advocating specific political agendas. These interpretations of the Confederate war effort continue to affect how we look at the war today.

Page 89
The Contributions of Confederate Chemists
by Charles Ross

The longevity of Confederate armed resistance has often been credited to the South’s military leaders. The often overlooked contributions of the South’s scientific community, however, may have been just as important to the Confederacy’s survival.

Page 109
When The Raiders Came
edited by Hannah N. Geffert

The day after John Brown descended on the government arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia, George L. Douglass wrote a detailed letter home that described the raid and Brown’s capture.

Page 122
Reconsidering Lee’s Revisionists
by Gary W. Gallagher

A noted Civil War scholar critiques those revisionists who have attempted to debunk many of the previously held notions of Robert E. Lee’s greatness.

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Book Reviews

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Third Annual Index


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