Number 2 (Summer 1997)

Columbiad, Volume 1, Number 2 (Summer 1997)

Columbiad, Volume 1, Number 2 (Summer 1997)

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From The Editor
by James P. Kushlan

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Notes From The Field

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War At The Table: The South’s Struggle For Food
by Carla Joinson

The Southern pantry became a theater of war as food shortages crippled the Confederacy’s ability to sustain itself.

Page 31
Grant Earns A License To Win
by James R. Arnold

In this excerpt from his forthcoming book, the author asserts that what the Union really won at Vicksburg was a general who could win the war in the East.

Page 42
The Paper Trail Of The Iron Brigade
by Alan T. Nolan

A state historical society has made a priceless contribution to our knowledge of a matchless group of soldiers.

Page 55
A Thousand Pictures Say A Word: Stonewall
by Edward D.C. Campbell, Jr.

Our mental image of Jackson has been shaped by the huge volume of portraiture the publicity-shunning general inspired.

Page 73
What Should We Think About Lee’s Thinking?
by Archer Jones

Recent efforts to discern Robert E. Lee’s fundamental strategic thinking have their merits, but are they right?

Page 86
Jewish Chaplains In A Christian Army
by Elayne Meir Breslaw

Army regulations said only ordained ministers could be chaplains. But one Philadelphia regiment insisted on a change.

Page 93
The Line That Sickles Should Have Built
by Alphonse De Cola

Dan Sickles might have kept his leg and won a better place in history if he had looked more carefully at the terrain around him in the Battle of Gettysburg.

Page 107
The Egyptian Confederates
by Stephen R. Patterson

As Illinois prepared for war, some of her men headed south to fight against the North–at the urging, they said, of a prominent Union general.

Page 122
Lincoln And The New America
by Joshua Kleinfeld

Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War changed the American republic forever. In this provocative essay, the author considers how America changed, how Lincoln effected that change, and why he did so.

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  1. Stephen R Patterson Avatar
    Stephen R Patterson

    I was asked today on an online profile if I have ever had anything published, and what do you know, I found the one occurrence I had published 20 years ago. I submitted others, e.g., Confederate-Apache Relations 1861-1865; The Battle of Thompson Station Tennessee; and still have many others sitting in a closet.

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