Number 1 (Spring 1997)

Columbiad, Volume 1, Number 1 (Spring 1997)

Columbiad, Volume 1, Number 1 (Spring 1997)

Page 5
From The Editor
by James P. Kushlan

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Page 9
Guidelines For Submissions

Page 10
Notes From The Field

Page 20
Jubal Early Vs. Stonewall Jackson
by Gary Gallagher

A prominent historian of Lee’s army takes an objective look at Early’s much disparaged campaign in the valley.

Page 34
The Blue, The Gray, And The Red
by Joseph Sullivan

How communists helped Lincoln save the republic and contributed to the Civil War’s radical legacy.

Page 46
“Black Hats” Off To The Original “Iron Brigade”
by Tom Clemens

Evidence shows that John Gibbon’s hard-fighting brigade of Westerners inherited its name from another unit–the first “Iron Brigade”.

Page 59
The Professional Historian And “Popular” History
by Mark Grimsley

An informal consideration of the roles of both, and what relationship, if any, should exist between them.

Page 72
“Old Brains” Was Brainy After All
by Herman Hattaway and Archer Jones

A new appraisal of Henry Halleck, Lincoln’s general in chief and, later, chief of staff.

Page 83
To “Do With Honor”
by Sister Mary Denis Maher

The work of Roman Catholic sisters who served as nurses during the Civil War.

Page 94
That Gallant Band Of Marylanders
by Kathleen Ernst

Bradley Tyler Johnson and the Confederate 1st Maryland Regiment.

Page 110
Wartime Democracy: Lincoln And The Election Of 1862
by David E. Long

A midterm election tested the American system of government and threatened to overturn the Union’s war effort.

Page 125
Pirates Or Prisoners Of War
by James L. Conrad

The trials of captured Confederate privateersmen in Federal courts.

Page 138
Ambition Carries The Day
edited by Peter Cozzens

William Passmore Carlin recalls the Battle of Perryville, Kentucky.

Page 149
Book Reviews


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