Civil War Regiments: A Journal of the American Civil War

Civil War Regiments
Civil War Regiments

Magazine Name: Civil War Regiments: A Journal of the American Civil War

Publisher: Ted Savas

Web Site: (no longer being published)

Note: Special thanks goes to Ted Savas for allowing us to copy and paste the online TOCs located HERE.

Description (from the web site):

Civil War Regiments (CWR) was a quarterly publication created in late 1991 to fill a conspicuous gap in Civil War literature. Although several excellent publications are available, only CWR offered exclusively military coverage of the war (all theaters, all branches, Federal and Confederate) in a lengthy, documented and non-partisan format. Each issue is a book, not a stapled magazine. Each book includes original articles on all aspects of the war, including strategy, tactics, logistics, unit histories, leadership and command issues, and much more. Each book includes original maps and numerous photos and illustrations.

How many times can you read about Pickett’s Charge or
Sherman’s March to the Sea in a 2,500 word article?

CWR offers lengthy essays of substance. Reach beyond the glossy photos, short articles and cut-and-paste history. CWR is fresh, original scholarship on topics you will not see covered elsewhere, coupled with the best maps and book reviews in the business. Each book is printed on acid-free 50-lb. paper, and the covers are laminated gloss color stock for long, durable use, with a printed spine for easy library shelf reference.

Unfortunately, when the underlying book business was sold in 2001, CWR was left without a home and publication ended with Volume Seven, No. 1. These collector’s issues are selling out fast, several issues are already sold out, and many more are in short supply.

Check out a copy today. We GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION.

Note: This is an ongoing project. All of the issues listed below have been completed. If you would like to help to complete this project, even if it is only one issue of one magazine, please use the Contact Us form in the menu at the top of this screen.

Civil War Regiments Back Issues


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