Number 3 (September 1969)

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Civil War History, Volume 15, Number 3 (September 1969)
Civil War History, Volume 15, Number 3 (September 1969)

96 Pages

Page 197

The Aims and Impact of Garrisonian Abolitionism, 1840-1860

by James B. Stewart

Page 210

Jacksonian Politics in Missouri: A Comment on the McCormick Thesis

by Robert E. Shalhope

Page 226

The Pay of Confederate Troops and Problems of Demorilization: A Case of Administrative Failure

by Harry N. Scheiber

Page 237

John Schofield as Military Director of Reconstruction in Virginia

by James L. McDonough

Page 257

A Soviet Historian Looks at Reconstruction

Translated and edited by John V. Bratcher

Page 265

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