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Blue & Gray Magazine: For Those Who Still Hear The Guns

Magazine Name: Blue & Gray Magazine: For Those Who Still Hear The Guns

Publisher:Blue & Gray Enterprises, Inc.

Web Site:

Description (from the web site): Blue & Gray Magazine is a full-color, 68 page, bi-monthly Civil War magazine, now in its 23rd year of publication. Each issue features our “General’s Tour,” an in-depth article by a qualified historian, including a driving tour, illustrated with lots of period and modern-day color photographs, and our highly acclaimed color maps. Blue & Gray’s very popular and in-depth “General’s Tour” feature in each issue lets you visit the battlefields in the comfort of your own home, or will guide you through your onsite experience. Blue & Gray visits the featured site, taking photos, combing the countryside for long-forgotten, out-of-the-way sites and invariably turning up previously unpublished material. Combine historic images, lots of maps, a self-guided driving tour and historical commentary by the nation’s leading historians (Ed Bearss, Terry Winschel, Ted Alexander, Robert Krick, Stacy Allen, William Marvel, Albert Castel, Wiley Sword…) and you have a dramatic, colorful presentation of the Civil War that takes you back in time.

Note: This is an ongoing project. All of the issues listed below have been completed. If you would like to help to complete this project, even if it is only one issue of one magazine, please use the Contact Us form in the menu at the top of this screen.

Blue & Gray Magazine Back Issues


4 responses to “Blue & Gray Magazine”

  1. t m bowen Avatar
    t m bowen

    I am a charter subscriber and fan of this magazine but have had a bad experience with missing issues that they refuse to replace. Is this magazine having financial problems and about to fold?

  2. Brett Schulte Avatar


    I have never had an issue with Blue and Gray. Are you sure you’re not thinking of another well known Civil War magazine which has had its fair share of troubles recently? They are immediately who I thought of when I started to read your comment. Have you tried going to the Blue and Gray web site ( and sending an email to Dave Roth directly? He has always been very helpful in my dealings with him, no matter the topic.


  3. Ginger Jolley Avatar
    Ginger Jolley

    I have an extensive collection of Blue & Gray back issues from the 1980’s and early 90’s that I would like to sell. If anyone is interested in obtaining a list of what I have available please email me at


  4. Scott Avatar


    I realize your post is somewhat old , but thought I’d ask if you
    still had the blue and gray magazines for sale?



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