Number 6 (January 2009)

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Americas Civil War, Volume 21, Number 6 (January 2009)
America's Civil War, Volume 21, Number 6 (January 2009)

74 Pages

Cover Story

Tennessee Turning Point…..28

At Fort Donelson, Rebel officer Nathan Bedford Forrest took matters into his own hands to escape capture.  Woe to the Yanks.

Nathan B. Forrest’s Fights and Failures…..36

Violence filled the trooper’s life.


Snakes in the Grass…..38

by Frank Van Der Linden

Copperhead Democrats and Southern agents plot in Canada.

‘Life is Better Than Limb’…..46

by Jack Trammell

Who could blame soldiers for fearing a visit to “old saw bones”.

A Soldier’s Shattered Family…..52

George Tillotson treasured the broken photograph of his family.

The North’s Caustic Cartoonist…..54

by Marc Leepson

Thomas Nast’s drawings savaged Union opponents and kept up morale.


by Marc Leepson

Colorful Christmas illustrations plucked at homefront heartstrings.



Open Fire!…..10

Civil War News and History

Five Questions…..18

Digitizing widows’ pensions.


by Eric Ethier

Benjamin Franklin Wade, Radical Republican.

The Gathering Storm…..25

by Parke Pierson

The Missouri Compromise.


America’s Civil War begins to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the Civil War with this issue.


1.      Sherman’s March in Myth and Memory by Edward Caudill and Paul Ashdown

2.      Major General Robert E. Rodes of the Army of Northern Virginia by Darrell Collins

3.      Saving Savannah-The City and the Civil War by Jacqueline Jones

4.      Firebrands of Liberty: The Story of Two Black Regiments That Changed the Course of the Civil War by Stephen V. Ash

5.      Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief by James McPherson

6.      Shenandoah 1862 by Peter Cozzens

7.      Identification Discs of Union Soldiers in the Civil War by Larry B. Maier and Joseph W. Stahl

8.      Mutiny at Fort Jackson: The Untold Story of the Fall of New Orleans by Michael D. Pierson

Lincoln Lit

1.      Lincoln’s Darkest Year: The War in 1862 by William Marvel

Silver Screen

1.      Ride With the Devil (1999)

Web Watch

1.      Harper’s Weekly Online: &


Not a drop to drink.


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