Number 5 (November 2008)

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Americas Civil War, Volume 21, Number 5 (November 2008)
America's Civil War, Volume 21, Number 5 (November 2008)

74 Pages

Cover Story: The Presidential Election of 1864

A hotly contested race.  An unpopular war.  A frustrated electorate.  And two fractured political parties.

A Voter’s Guide…..26

The Campaign of 1864 offered more issues than answers.

Hawks Vs. Doves…..28

One side says stay the course; the other, give peace a chance.

Campaign Kitsch…..30

And you thought that Obama windshield shade was a fresh idea.


“I Saw a Column of Black Smoke”…..34

by Noah Andre Trudeau

Two Confederate officers were spoiling for a fight during Sherman’s March to the Sea.

Stonewall’s Back in Town…..42

by Peter Cozzens

Soldiers and “she-demons” join forces to snatch Winchester back from the Federals.

Baltimore, Bricks and First Blood…..50

by John David Hoptak

A Charm City mob inflicts the war’s first “opposing fire” casualty.

Mothers of the Lost Cause…..56

by Caroline E. Janney

Southern women memorialize Confederate dead, and a legend is born.



Open Fire!…..13

Civil War News and History

Five Questions…..19

Harpers Ferry’s John King.

Deadly Diseases…..21

by Tom Huntington

Dysentery aka “Alvine Flux”, “Quickstep”.


by Eric Ethier

Edmund Ruffin, Virginia “fire-eater”.


A picture of a burial detail at Andersonville.


1.      The Golden Age of Battlefield Preservation: The Decade of the 1890’s and the Establishment of America’s First Five Military Parks by Timothy B. Smith

2.      The Union vs. Dr. Mudd by Hal Higdon

3.      A Surgeon in the Army of the Potomac edited by Cheryl A. Wells

4.      The Lincoln’s: Portrait of a Marriage by Daniel Mark Epstein

5.      Wade Hampton: Confederate Warrior to Southern Redeemer by Rod Andrew Jr.

6.      Hunter’s Fiery Raid Through Virginia Valleys by Gary C. Walker

7.      Battle: The Nature and Consequences of Civil War Combat by Kent Gramm

8.      The Civil War (Daily Life Through History Series) by Paul Cimbala

Web Watch

1.      Charge! Civil War Wargaming & News:

Silver Screen

1.      The Gray Sentinel (1913)

2.      Battle of Gettysburg (1913)

3.      Granddad (1913)

4.      Drummer Boy of the 8th (1913)

5.      The Coward (1913)

All Directed by Thomas Ince


Saved by the belt.


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