Number 5 (January 1992)

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Americas Civil War Volume 4, Number 5 (January 1992)
America's Civil War Volume 4, Number 5 (January 1992)

74 Pages

Page 6
by Roy Morris, Jr.

Page 8
by Lucia Alexis Gainer

Confederate cavalier Turner Ashby’s cavalry career was short but legendary.

Page 10
by C.R. Edgerton

The hardy mule gave its flop-eared all for the Union and Confederacy.

Page 16
by Albert Hemingway

The 1st Connecticut Cavalry served with Phil Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley.

Page 22
Black Thursday For Rebels
by Gary Glynn

Robert E. Lee’s gallant but exhausted troops struggled through marshy bottom land in their flight from Petersburg. The entire Union Army was slashing at their heels.

Page 30
Cloak & Dagger Fiasco
by Ernest L. Abel

Lurid rumors of assassination filled the air as President-elect Abraham Lincoln made his way toward Washington for his inauguration. In pro-Southern Baltimore, security was especially tight.

Page 38
Mantled In Fire And Smoke
by David F. Cross

In one hour of desperate fighting on the rocky ledges of Little Round Top, the Battle of Gettysburg-and perhaps the fate of the entire Union-reached its decisive climax.

Page 46
Confused First Fight
by David Mallinson

While Union columns descended on him from all directions in western Virginia, an optimistic young Confederate colonel waited at Philippi for reinforcements that would never arrive.

Page 54
Book Reviews

Page 62
by Joseph L. Zentner

Fort Jackson was the gulfside getaway to New Orleans.


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