Number 1 (May 1991)

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Americas Civil War, Volume 4, Number 1 (May 1991)
America's Civil War, Volume 4, Number 1 (May 1991)

74 Pages

Page 6
by Roy Morris, Jr.

Page 8
by D. Reid Ross

Volunteer gunners often manned short-handed Union artillery batteries.

Page 10
by Adele Graham

Colorful Ab Grimes made sure the mail got through on the Mississippi.

Page 12
by Kevin J. Weddle

The 3rd Minnesota struggled to recover from its Murfreesboro disgrace.

Page 22
Icy Assault Routed
by Michael E. Haskew

As Confederate fortunes plummeted like the temperature in winter-racked East Tennessee, James Longstreet sent his hungry troops forward for a last-ditch assault against Union-held Fort Sanders.

Page 30
Unprovoked Tragicomedy in St. Louis
by Jay Unnerstall

Despite its comic-opera elements, the affair at Camp Jackson, Missouri was not really funny. Innocent men, women, and children were involved.

Page 38
Whirling Through Winchester
by Albert Hemingway

Ulysses S. Grant sent feisty Phil Sheridan to wrest control of the fertile Shenandoah Valley from the Confederates. At Winchester, “Little Phil” began the job in earnest.

Page 46
Raider Of The Arctic Seas
by Kenneth P. Czech

The Civil War was grinding to a halt, but the feared Confederate Raider Shenandoah still carried on a one-vessel war of her own on the high seas.

Page 54
Book Reviews

Page 62
by Harvey J. Berman

Fort Monroe was the Union’s Chesapeake Bay Gibraltar.


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