Number 1 (May 1990)

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Americas Civil War, Volume 3, Number 1 (May 1990)
America's Civil War, Volume 3, Number 1 (May 1990)

66 Pages

Page 6
by Roy Morris, Jr.

Page 8
by Robert J. Duhse

Intrepid aeronauts were the armies’ “spies in the skies.”

Page 10
by Matt Queen, Brian O’Roark, Jeff Bricker, and Meredith Oswald

The 100th Pennsylvania “Roundheads” lived up to their Cromwellian name.

Page 12
by Elizabeth B. Goodman

Gallant Sam Davis refused to save himself by betraying others.

Page 18
Hold At All Hazards
by John F. Wukovits

Robert E. Lee ordered ill-fated George Pickett to hold Five Forks “at all hazards.” But Union General Phil Sheridan was planning to “go to smashing.”

Page 26
Battle Above The Clouds
by John Wilson

An impatient Ulysses S. Grant considered the Battle Above the Clouds to be “all poetry.” But it was battle enough for the soldiers who fought atop.

Page 34
So Perfect A Slaughter
by Robert C. Cheeks

With Stonewall Jackson wounded and the Confederate lines badly jumbled, the Battle of Chancellorsville was “Fighting Joe” Hooker’s to win-if he could.

Page 42
Gunboats Up The River
by Kenneth P. Czech

Politician-General Nathaniel Banks’ grand design to capture Shreveport left Admiral David Porter’s Union gunboats high and dry.

Page 50
Book Reviews

Page 58
by Albert Hemingway

Twain and Stowe were Hartford, Connecticut, neighbors.


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