Number 4 (November 1989)

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Americas Civil War, Volume 2, Number 4 (November 1989)
America's Civil War, Volume 2, Number 4 (November 1989)

66 Pages

Page 6
by Roy Morris, Jr.

Page 8
by Louise Carroll

The Richmond Arsenal worked wonders to arm a fledgling nation.

Page 10
by Ernest Abel

Northern minstrel Daniel Emmett, ironically, wrote Dixie.

Page 12
by Kenneth P. Czech

The 1st Minnesota made its stand at Gettysburg.

Page 18
Southern Flames Of Vengeance
by Jim Zbick

The townsfolk of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, laughed when Confederate General John McCausland arrived to take revenge for Union depredations in Virginia. They didn’t laugh long.

Page 26
Wintry Fury Unleashed
by Michael E. Haskew

For the thousands of Union and Confederate soldiers waiting in the frigid woods around Murfreesboro, Tennessee, the last day of 1862 would also be the last days of their lives.

Page 34
Taking Of Burnside Bridge
by John M. Priest

While Union commander George McClellan fumed and the outcome of the Battle of Antietam hung in the balance, a handful of Confederate sharpshooters held off 15,000 Federal troops at “Burnside Bridge.”

Page 42
Riding The Freedom Train
by Albert Hemingway

For the fugitive slaves and their abolitionist helpers, the Underground Railroad was truly the “freedom train” and they were “bound for glory.”

Page 50
Book Reviews

Page 58
by Sylvia Booth Hubbard

Beauvoir was Jefferson Davis’ sanctuary.


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