Number 3 (September 1989)

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Americas Civil War, Volume 2, Number 3 (September 1989)
America's Civil War, Volume 2, Number 3 (September 1989)

66 Pages

Page 6
by Roy Morris, Jr.

Page 8
by Frederick W. Chesson

Rival telegraphers used elaborate codes to keep their wires secret.

Page 10
by John Wilson

The Grand Army of the Republic’s poignant final encampment ended an era.

Page 12
by Arthur G. Sharp

Devout young Southern General Dorsey Pender balanced faith and warfare.

Page 20
Botched Union Attack
by Michael J. Klinger

William Tecumseh Sherman had a plan for destroying Joseph Johnston’s Confederate army at the very outset of the Atlanta Campaign.

Page 26
Ironclad Menace
by Kenneth J. Fisher

The Rebel ironclad, Albemarle, rode at anchor off Plymouth, North Carolina, defying the Union to challenge her. One reckless young Northern naval lieutenant took the dare.

Page 34
Federal Occupation Resisted
by Peggy Robbins

New Orleans residents–male and female–defiantly faced the Union “Beast.” To them, Maj. Gen. Ben Butler was evil incarnate. “Hide your silverware,” they warned when he walked among them.

Page 42
Swirling Cavalry Fight
by Sherman L. Fleek

The Northern cavalry attacking Brandy Station, Virginia, that summer day had improved dramatically from previous troops. J.E.B. Stuart’s Southerners had all they could do to withstand the unexpected onslaught.

Page 50
Book Reviews

Page 58
by Daniel W.A. Lang

Philadelphia, cradle of the republic, remembers our most wrenching war.


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