Number 1 (May 1989)

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Americas Civil War, Volume 2, Number 1 (May 1989)
America's Civil War, Volume 2, Number 1 (May 1989)

66 Pages

Page 6
by Roy Morris, Jr.

Page 8
by Mark E. Neely, Jr., Harold Holzer, Gabor S. Boritt

Baltimore artist Adalbert Volck fought the war with his pen.

Page 10
by David Evans

The humble horse served loyally on both sides in the Civil War.

Page 12
by Thomas G. Rodgers

The 8th Alabama was one of the South’s best combat units.

Page 18
Deadly Grapeshot Unleashed
by Peter F. Stevens

Up the steep slopes of Malvern Hill, Robert E. Lee’s gray-clad legion charged into a deadly maelstrom of shot and steel.

Page 26
Storming Through The Ice
by Robert Collins Suhr

When Union General Gorge Thomas finally unleashed his eager soldiers, a battered Rebel Army outside Nashville braced for the worst.

Page 34
Titanic Coastal Clash
by K.J. Fisher

The southern behemoth, Virginia, better known as the Merrimac, was having her way with the Union fleet off Hampton Roads until the USS Monitor arrived on the scene.

Page 42
Turning The Tables
by Mark Grimsley

At Cedar Creek, Virginia, Jubal Early’s Confederates rushed to avenge a series of defeats, while “Little Phil” Sheridan hurried back to the front.

Page 50
by Keith Milton

The Battle of Antietam was a true turning point.

Page 58
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2 responses to “Number 1 (May 1989)”

  1. John Horn Avatar

    “America’s Civil War, No. 1 (May 1989)
    Page 12
    by Thomas G. Rodgers

    The 8th Alabama was one of the South’s best combat units.”
    There’s an illustration of soldiers camping in snow at night on page 1 of this article. Does anyone know its source? And where a better copy can be obtained?
    I think it may be a picture of Alabamians left out in the cold by Virginians the night of Feb. 6/7 1865.
    John Horn

  2. John Horn Avatar

    Got it on ebay! Nonetheless, I didn’t see a citation for the illustration. It can be viewed at

    I’m just about done illustrating “The Petersburg Regiment, 12th Virginia Infantry.”

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