Number 6 (March 1989)

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Americas Civil War, Volume 1, Number 6 (March 1989)
America's Civil War, Volume 1, Number 6 (March 1989)

66 Pages

Page 6
by Roy Morris, Jr.

Page 8
by Albert Hemingway

Shadowy Thomas Hines–“the most dangerous man in the Confederacy.”

Page 10
by Peggy Robbins

The humble sutler was a necessary evil of Civil War camp life.

Page 12
by Matthew E. Bunson

The Union’s fabled “Black Hats” Brigade met its fate at Gettysburg.

Page 18
Wintry Crucible Of Death
by Shawn Curtis Harris

Wave after wave of gallant Union attackers fell before the guns of sharp-eyed Confederates at frigid Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Page 26
Youthful Innocence Shattered
by Richard F. Selcer

Northern and Southern boys marched off to war in the spring of 1861 with high hearts–those who came home would not be so naive.

Page 34
Vengeance Carried North
by Charles Rice

One brash young Rebel navy lieutenant spread havoc along the east coast, from Maryland to the Canadian border.

Page 42
Tightening The Coils
by John I. Laudermilk

At little-known Island No. 10, the Northerners began to tighten their grip on the Mississippi River and its tributaries.

Page 50
by Joseph L. Zentner

Bloody Shiloh taught North and South a terrible lesson in war.

Page 58
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