Number 3 (September 1988)

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Americas Civil War, Volume 1, Number 3 (September 1988)
America's Civil War, Volume 1, Number 3 (September 1988)

66 Pages

Page 6
by Roy Morris, Jr.

Page 8
by Andy Maslowski

At Burning Springs, Virginia, Union oil supplies became a military target for attacking Southerners.

Page 10
by James L. Speicher

The Sumter Flying Battery won its battle spurs with J.E.B. Stuart at the Battle of Dranesville.

Page 12
by Phil Noblitt

Union General George H. Thomas won lasting fame as “the Rock of Chickamauga.”

Page 18
Blockade’s Deadline Defied
by James L. Conrad

On January 31, 1863, one of the rare successes of the Confederate Navy caused General Beauregard to proclaim: “The blockade of Charleston is raised!”

Page 26
Second Last Stand
by Chris Hartly

With “Uncle Billy’s” notorious “bummers” closing in fast, a ragtag Confederate army prepared for one last stand in the swampy countryside of Bentonville, North Carolina.

Page 34
Liberator Unmercifully Hounded
by Samuel T. Gill

War-weary Missouri had seen much fighting since the days of John Brown. Now, it was seeing yet another series of battles, as Confederate General “Pap” Price came to call.

Page 42
Bungled River Crossing
by Matthew Phillips

Ned Baker, Abraham Lincoln’s old friend, wanted a “manly, determined war.” At Ball’s Bluff, Virginia, he found what he was looking for–and then some.

Page 50
by Russell Roberts

Follow Gettysburg’s markers, and you can still hear the cannon’s roar.

Page 58
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