Number 2 (July 1988)

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Americas Civil War, Volume 1, Number 2
America's Civil War, Volume 1, Number 2 (July 1988)

66 Pages

Page 6
by Roy Morris, Jr.

Page 8
by David R. Wade

Captain Minie’s efficient new bullet ushered in the era of modern weaponry–at a fearful price for both North & South.

Page 10
by Charles LaRocca and Katherine Higgins

The 124th New York Volunteers called themselves the “Orange Blossoms”–others called them a fearless “regiment of heroes”.

Page 12
by Harry J. Maihafer

A young Army lieutenant named Ulysses S. Grant faced his first test of command in the steaming hot jungles of Panama.

Page 18
Coastal Raider Confronted
by John Richard DeRose

The crowd lining the French seashore was in a holiday mood–it was a perfect Sunday for watching a sea-battle.

Page 26
Thunder From Below
by George F. Skoch

The Rebel trenches at Petersburg seemed impregnable–until inventive Union engineers stepped in. The resulting blast was heard for miles.

Page 34
Sailors Into The Breach
by A.B. Feuer

The daunting citadel of Fort Fisher stood guard over the South’s last open port at Wilmington, North Carolina. A joint Union task force intended to slam it shut.

Page 42
Unwitting Architect Of Defeat
by Richard F. Welch

Defeat followed Confederate General Braxton Bragg wherever he went–except for one shining hour at Chickamauga. Even then, he wasn’t sure he had triumphed.

Page 50
by Wilfred P. Deac

Vicksburg was the key to control of the Mississippi.

Page 58
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  1. Marty Ziegler Avatar
    Marty Ziegler

    Is this volume available for purchase?

    1. Brett Schulte Avatar


      No it is not. I just post what articles are in the magazine.


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