Number 1 (May 1988)

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Americas Civil War, Volume 1, Number 1 (May 1988)
America's Civil War, Volume 1, Number 1 (May 1988)

66 Pages

Page 6
by Roy Morris, Jr.

Page 8
by Eric Niderost

At Sabine Pass, Confederate Dick Dowling almost single-handedly saved Texas for the Southern cause.

Page 10
by Wayne R. Austerman

The British-made Whitworth Rifle, in the hands of Southern sharpshooters, was the scourge of Union soldiers.

Page 12
by John Wilson

Union Colonel John T. Wilder’s vaunted “Lightning Brigade” was a stranger to defeat.

Page 18
Heartland Hammered Furiously
by Robert E. Rogge

“Dandy” Harry Wilson aimed his Union cavalry straight for the heart of Dixie, the vital Southern arsenal at Selma. In his way, however, stood “That Devil Forrest” and his ragtag army.

Page 26
Desert Passage Contested
by William R. Brooksher

Confederate hopes for a frontier empire came down to the holding of a boulder-strewn pass in Apache Canyon, New Mexico. One way or another, the battle of Glorietta Pass would be a western Gettysburg.

Page 34
Richmond’s Fate In The Balance
by Roy Morris, Jr.

At Gaines’ Mill, just outside Richmond, Robert E. Lee gambled all on his foremost lieutenant. But where was Stonewall Jackson?

Page 42
Neutral Border Violated
by Albert Hemingway

For Confederate Bennett Henderson Young, sleepy, isolated St. Albans, Vermont, seemed a fair target for a military raid. The U.S. government thought otherwise.

Page 50
Book Reviews

Page 58
by Dave Page

Missouri holds many reminders of Civil War struggles.


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