Number 6 (January 2008)

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Americas Civil War, Volume 20, Number 6 (January 2008)
America's Civil War, Volume 20, Number 6 (January 2008)

74 Pages

Cover Story

Lincoln’s Fleeting Hope for an Early End to the War…..34

by Tom Wheeler and Trevor K. Plante

A newly discovered note penned by Abraham Lincoln after the Union victory at Gettysburg reveals his expectation that his generals will quickly vanquish the fleeing Rebels.


The Union’s Bloody Miscue at Spotsylvania’s Muleshoe…..26

by Curtis D. Crockett

Colonel Emory Upton’s clever battering ram assault on Confederate lines backfired and led to some of the fiercest fighting of the war.

Gettysburg Picnic Truce…..40

By Gerard A. Patterson.

Chicken, hams and pies had a way of making convalescent Yankees and Rebels feel kindly toward each other-as long as one side didn’t hog all the goodies.

The Unfulfilled Promise of Robert E. Lee’s Favorite Officer…..42

by Robert K. Krick

Henry Heth’s military career got a great jump-start thanks to backing from influential friends.  Trouble was, he never made much of his opportunities.

Fort Obsolete…..46

Union rifled artillery turned castle-like masonry garrisons into instant historic relics.

Avenging Angel…..52

by Tonia J. Smith

Nobody knew how old Abby House was, but Rebels all the way up to Jefferson Davis knew better than to mess with the woman everyone called Aunt Abby.



Open Fire…..13

Civil War News and History.

On the Block…..19

Civil War Memorabilia Sold at Auction.


By Yvonne Pesquera

Architect George W. Keller overcame his wounded pride to build Hartford’s unique Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch.

Letter From America’s Civil War…..25

Lincoln’s Relentless Quest for Victory.


1.      Civil War Leadership and the Mexican War Experience by Kevin Dougherty

2.      Civil War Weather in Virginia by Robert K. Krick

3.      Desperate Engagement: How a Little-Known Civil War Battle Saved Washington, D.C., and Changed American History by Marc Leepson

4.      The Horrid Pit: The Battle of the Crater, The Civil War’s Cruelest Mission by Alan Axelrod

5.      Ironclad Down: USS Merrimack-CSS Virginia From Construction to Destruction by Carl D. Park

6.      Wolf of the Deep: Raphael Semmes and the Notorious Confederate Raider CSS Alabama by Stephen Fox

7.      The Irish General: Thomas Francis Meagher by Paul R. Wylie

8.      House of Abraham: Lincoln and the Todds, A Family Divided by War by Stephen Berry

Blog Report

1.      Civil War Women:

The Civil War on the Silver Screen

1.      The General (1927)


1.      The Battle of Perryville: Invasion of Kentucky by Wide Awake Films


A permanent reminder of one Yankee infantryman’s fight with a Rebel cavalry trooper.


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