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Help Save the Darbytown Road Battlefields Around Richmond

Eric Wittenberg posted a long and intriguing article about the Battle of Darbytown and New Market Roads on October 7, 1864.  Dr. Charles Bowery, who literally grew up on the battlefield, wrote the article.  He is trying to raise awareness that this battlefield, as well as the land on which the two other Darbytown Road fights in October 1864 were fought, are in grave danger of being developed and lost forever.

Here is a short excerpt from Dr. Bowery’s article which gets to the heart of the matter:

All three battles of Darbytown Road have been listed by the American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP) as worthy of protection. Not only do Lt. Hall’s earthworks remain, but near the farm is an original portion of Darbytown Road that crosses Four Mile Creek. The old road remains in very good condition. This portion of the road was utilized by General Longstreet and his men in 1862 to reach the Battles of Glendale and Malvern Hill. Edwin Jemison walked along the road days before he was killed at Malvern Hill.

I am reaching out to anyone who will listen and help me get the word out and save what remains of the Darbytown and New Market Roads Battlefield. Acting now will essentially save the entire battlefield. At the same time, inroads can be made in preserving the battlefield of Second Deep Bottom, which is sometimes referred to as the Second Seven Days. The same opportunities that exist today, will not exist a year from now. Like Lt. Hall, I refuse to leave the field until I am forced off of it.

If you want to see these battlefields saved, please spread the word by spreading this post and the post at Eric Wittenberg’s blog on Facebook and Twitter.  The Battle of Seven Pines, fought in 1862 east of Richmond, is gone forever.  Don’t let these battlefields suffer the same fate.


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  1. Andrew White Avatar
    Andrew White

    Does anyone know what the status of the Darbytown fields is? And how does one contact Dr. Bowery? Thanks.

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