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Most readers are familiar with the Wiki format made famous by Wikipedia. AGEod’s American Civil War fan “Rafiki” from the AACW Forums has created a Wiki for the game called AACWWIki. Users can join up and create and/or edit articles in the wiki. This is a really GREAT idea that could and should be used for some of the other Civil War wargames out there. What’s all available at the AACWWiki you ask? Tons of great material, including the official game manual with user input added in, a Frequently Asked Questions section for the game, a strategy guide, a categorized index, and a modding guide. I’ve included the contents of the About AACWWiki page below:


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About AACWWiki as a wiki

AACWWiki makes use of a Wiki to make exchanges and updates as easy as possible. More specifically, it uses the Mediawiki-implementation; same as is used e.g. at Wikipedia. For those unfamiliar with the concept of Wikis, take a look at Wikipedia:Wiki for an introduction to it.

Policies and guidelines

Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the Policies and guidelines of AACWWiki.

For those who want to contribute

Point your broser to the AACWWiki:Community Portal, where you find info on how to do that.

What AACWWiki is not

To clarify the wiki’s purpose and what we’d like to see here, it can be handy to say what the wiki isn’t meant for:

  • It is not a discussion forum. The AGEod forums are much better suited for this.
  • It is not a place for people to brag about their l33t skills at playing AACW. If it’s not informative and helpful for others, you’re probably better off writing an AAR of some kind.
  • It is not a place for commercial activites. Advertisments are best placed elsewhere, especially if they have little to no relevance to the game
  • It is not better than what the users make it. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t complain. Instead, do something about it! Start putting together articles about the subject you’re interested in, and hopefully others will come along and help you out.



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