Category: 145 Years Ago in the Civil War

  • The Civil War 145 Years Ago: November 1864

    145 Years Ago November 1864 The biggest news is the election of Lincoln & Johnson on the eighth.  The popular vote was almost 500,000 higher for Lincoln, about one out of eight votes, but the Electoral College cast 212 votes for Lincoln and 21 for McClellan.  This victory ends any hope of the war ending […]

  • The Civil War 145 Years Ago: October 1864

    145 Years Ago October 1864 This is a difficult time for the North but victory is starting to look closer.  Hood is probing for a weak spot in Sherman’s armies.  Grant continues to dig and extend his lines forcing Lee into a static defensive campaign.  Sterling Price is advancing in Missouri, trying to reclaim his […]

  • The Civil War 145 Years Ago: September 1864

    September 1864 “Atlanta is ours and fairly won”; these words are in a telegram sent to President Lincoln on the second. This is the first tangible victory since the summer began and the North rejoices. September fifth is declared a day of national celebration and prayer. The famous raider John Hunt Morgan is killed at […]