Category: 145 Years Ago in the Civil War

  • First they came for Nathan Bedford Forrest….

    I normally don’t do much on contemporary politics, but unfortunately political correctness is starting to have a real effect on public life and Civil War studies. The latest craze is what might be called the historical cleansing of America of all symbols which might offend the usual suspects. It started with Confederate monuments, but it […]

  • The End of the War in Western North Carolina

    Rob Neufeld, a writer for the Asheville Citizen-Times, pens an excellent article about the closing days of the war here in Western NC. I have already linked to a previous article about the last Confederate victory here, but this time he takes up the sack of Asheville and the treatment of civilians in the area […]

  • Fort Stevens – Scaring Able Lincoln Like Hell

    A hundred and forty-nine years ago today the Confederates stood with sight of the unfinished US capitol dome—the closest they would get to it under arms. The resulting fracas is usually called the Battle of Fort Stevens and altho minor compared to contests like Gettysburg, it was a hard fought action, well remembered by those […]

  • The Long Recall

    In honor of the upcoming Civil War sesquicentennial The American Interest has begun The Long Recall: An Aggregator of the Civil War. Walter Russell Mead explains: We will use a modern form to present the daily news: our Civil War aggregator that combines a short daily summary of the news along with links to articles […]

  • The Civil War 145 Years Ago: March 1865

    145 Years Ago March 1865 by James W. Durney The Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of the Potomac continue the siege at Petersburg.  Sherman’s army is advancing in South Carolina. On March 2, at Waynesboro, George Custer takes 1,600 prisoners, 17 flags, 11 cannon and 200 wagons in a short battle.  This victory […]

  • The Civil War 145 Years Ago: February 1865

    145 Years Ago February 1865 By James W. Durney Illinois becomes the first state to ratify the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery on the first. Sherman’s army of 62,000 starts north from Savannah.  O.O. Howard and Henry W. Slocum command a wing.  Hugh Kilpatrick commands the cavalry. On the third, Abraham Lincoln and Secretary William H. […]

  • The Civil War 145 Years Ago: December 1864

    145 Years Ago December 1864 By James Durney On the first, following the Battle Franklin, the XXIII Corps withdraws to defensive positions at Nashville.  George Thomas assumes command of the Union forces defending the city. Hood’s Army of Tennessee reaches Nashville on the second.  Hood has about 24,000 men and Forrest’s experienced cavalry.  On the […]